Dating in London unlike some years back has come a long way. Gone are the days when a date would consist of a dinner for two in a romantic place followed by an escort and a peck on the girl’s cheek. Times have changed a great deal that people actually need some tips to get through a date successfully.

As you go into your first date, you should not expect anything more than a quick kiss on the cheek – and this is if you are lucky to get a kiss at all. Many people do not get any. Many feel it morally wrong to even jump into bed on the very first might. There are some couples in London however who are an exception to this.

You should avoid talking about touchy subjects that include money marriage or politics. These topics evoke strong feelings that are not healthy while you have just started dating in London. As opposed to these subjects, prefer light ones that will break down the ice and create a fun an easy atmosphere.

While dating in London, you should always go Dutch. Always offer to take care of your bill even if you are sue that your date will grab the bill to settle it.

You should always inform your friend of your London evening plans. This is just in case anything goes wrong during the date. While dating in London, you can never be too cautious of your safety.

Ask lots of questions. Asking questions is a sign of interest in your date. You should however try and balance between your talking and listening. Too much of either may be a turn off for some.

First dates are prone to awkward silences. Instead of letting them dampen your dating experience, you should use them to your advantage. You could opt to change the subject, crack a joke of just take a drink.

Last but not least, when dating in London, be sure to be confident and very honest from the very beginning. If the relationship does grow into a serious on, you will be glad that you were straight forward from the start.

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