Being An Escort

If you’re thinking about becoming an escort, there are a few things you want to figure out before jumping into the business. The first thing you want to do is make sure you’re ready. Society has sexy blondeconvinced a lot of people that working as escorts is morally wrong, and disgusting. So if you decide to become an escort, make sure you’re mentally ready to handle the fact that society isn’t going to respect your decision.

Of course society’s views about curvy models and curvy babes, shouldn’t deter you from being one, if that’s you want to do. It’s your life! However, one other thing you want to nail down is your market, especially if you consider yourself to be like curvy babes. You want to know what type of people desire your body type. Don’t be afraid to market yourself as curvy like curvy babes, if that’s what you are,

because there are clients out there who want exactly that. Find clothes and lingerie that will positively show off your curves, because that is what will attract clients to you.

Other things to think about is the laws in your area. Unfortunately, being an escort is not legal in all places. While, we’re not saying this to discourage you from being an escort, it is a good idea to know the law in your area so that you can keep out of trouble and also to know clearly your rights

as far as the trade is concerned. Also know what you should be charging. After you get familiar with your market, research escorts rates to find out what you should be charging for certain services and lengths.

If you’re not part of an escort service, find someone you can trust to tell about your job. Whenever you go to jobs, you want someone to know where you are in case something happens. No matter whether you’re skinny, curvy babes, tall, or short, your safety should always come first!

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